into our cocktail and lounge universe here at the Ocean Club. Let’s give you a wonderful experience with one of Copenhagen’s most beautiful and stylish bars, with a high-end mixology and cocktail making, where only the best is good enough. We only use the best ingredients, fresh juices and purees, and make alot of homemade syrups from the finest gardens in Denmark. Be prepared to see some great bartenders in action, filled with working flair and showbartending skills. We offer a broad selection of cocktails, from different mojitos to many Ocean Club signature cocktails.


3place 2007 DK with the cocktail Pink PONG
 2place 2008 DK with the cocktail Apair 
 2 place 2009 DK with the cocktail SOSO
 Nordic champion with the Drink Danza Razmo


40-50 guests in sofa VIP ” lounge area “
150 guests in ” bar area “
2 bars in house


* Ala carte restaurant “Ocean Club” facing water front  * 2 bars in house * Wi-fi internet access * Free parking * Outdoor terrace  * Lounge Bar special color-changing ligthing * 3 bathrooms * Handicap toilet * Lounge sofa areas * Boat access in marina



Ocean Club’s Cucumber ChillKr. 95 Absolute citrus flavoured vodka, cucumber, ginger & lemongrass oc sirop and secrets. “Ocean Club creation”
Watermelon Martini Kr. 95 Citrus flavoured vodka, fresh watermelon, liquer and OC sirop.
Espresso Martini Kr. 95 Flavoured Skyy vodka, espresso coffee, baileys, and OC secrets.
The Cinnamon CLUB Kr. 95 Vanilla Skyy vodka, passionfruit juices, cinnamon, oc sirop and secrets. “Ocean Club creation”
SOSO MartiniKr. 95 Raspberry vodka, flavours from the caribian, watermelon and Pineapple juice. Ocean Club Winner drink 2009 in DK –silver medal.
The DRY MartiniKr. 95 Dry gin, vermouth and olive . The bond version. Shaken, stirred or the American way.
Le Rouge Kr. 130 Chambord liquer, hpnotic liquer, passionfruit, house secrets and champagne. Ocean Club Winner drink 2007
SprissKr. 85 Also called Spritz. Aperol, whitewine and club soda with a twist of a green salty olive. This famous Venetian drink is a must over a nice sunset.
OC CosmopolitanKr. 95 Ocean club citrus infused vodka, triple sec, lime juice, cranberry juice and orange bitters
Daiquiri D’OroKr. 130 Havana club ron 2 years, marschino, limejuice OC sirop and secrets,
OC MargaritaKr. 110 Tequila, limejuice, cointreu and house secrets.
OC Mojito Kr. 95 Havana club ron, mint, Lime juice, cane sugar & club soda.
Pineapple Mojito Kr. 95 Havana club rum, liquor 43, mint, lime & pineapple juice “Ocean club creation”
Red Shanghai CaipirinhaKr. 95 Ypioca Cachaca, lime, blood orange flavours, oranges, limes and cane sugar “Ocean Club creation”
Pink MojitoKr. 95 Havana club ron, liquor 43, mint, lime & cranberry juice and strawberries and balsamico. “Ocean club creation”
OC Caipirinha originalKr. 95 Ypioca Cachaca, lime & cane sugar
SangriaKr.295.-/ kande All of Spain and Ocean Club mixed into this jug with Mediterranean love with fruits, redwine, alcohol, spices and secrets. When you try one, You ask after more!
Red Shanghai CaipirinhaKr.95 Ypioca Cachaca, lime, blood orange flavours, oranges, limes and cane sugar Ocean Club creation
A PairKr. 130 Pear flavored vodka, irish cream sirop, passionfruit sirop and apple juice. Light afterdiner drink. Ocean Club winner drink 2008 – 2 place
PinK PonG!Kr. 110 Dark rum, liquer 43, cranberry juice and passionfruit sirop Ocean Club Winner drink 2006 – 3 place in DK
Daniel’sanKr. 110 Havana Club rum, exotic liquers, mixed fruits and mint, juices and love. Created By Daniel Morcous.
Danzka RazmoKr. 95 Cranbery raz danzka vodka, pressed apple juice, pineapple syrup, muddled blue berries and raspberries and touch of angostura bitters Ocean Club Winner drink 2007 In DK
Raspberries in LoveKr. 110 Vanilla flavoured vodka, raspberry pureé, OC sirop and sprite. Ocean Club Competition long drink
Ocean ClubberKr. 130 Havana club ron, Midori, lime juice, OC sirop, cointreu and topped with Chambord.
Cuban SparkleKr. 95 Havana club rum, apple juice, elderflower cordial, vanilla syrup and Champagne
Mai TaiKr. 110 Dark rum, light rum, pineapple juice, cointreu, lime, passionfruit flavours and orgeat sirop
Bloody Spicy MaryKr. 115 Absolute vodka, tomato juice, spices and bitters
OC Pina ColadaKr. 115 Dark rum and Light rum, coconut milk, secrests, malibu & pineapple

Möet & ChandonKr. 995

Möet & Chandon mini 200ml.Kr. 183

Möet & Chandon Rosé mini 200ml.Kr. 189

Veuve cliquet RoséKr. 950

Veuve cliquetKr. 995

Don PerignonKr. 2600


Cava ( flaske og glas )Kr. 550/ 95


Tiger Beer ( Bottle )Kr. 45

Nastro Azurro ( Bottle )Kr. 45

Stella Artois ( Bottle )Kr. 45

Cubanero ( Bottle )Kr. 45

SomersbyKr. 45


Cola, tonic, fanta, sprite, cola light ect.Kr. 30


ISkilde – sparklingKr. 45

ISkilde – stillKr. 45


Vodka ( Grey goose)Kr. 895

Vodka (Absolut vodka)Kr. 995

Rum ( Bacardi )Kr. 650

Gin ( Bombay sapphire )Kr. 650

Tequila (Jjose cuervo)Kr. 650

Whisky( Ballantines)Kr. 850

Whisky (Chivas)Kr. 950

Whisky (Jack Daniels)Kr. 850

Whisky (Jonnie Walker red)Kr. 795

Whisky( Jonnie Walker black.)Kr. 995


SlammersKr. 42

B.52Kr. 42

OC Kiss KissKr. 42

KamikazeKr. 42


Frappé – iced coffeeKr. 42

Freddo Cappuccino- iced cappucinoKr. 45

Freddocino- iced mochacinoKr. 45

Frappé / BaileysKr. 58

Frappé Vanilla ice cream scoopKr. 52

Iced cafe latteKr. 45


Tapas plate ( for 2 pers )Kr. 135

Spicy olivesKr. 25

Chips & nuts Kr. 25

Ibiza to miami feeling

Relax and feel hipp in one of Copenhagens must stylish and good looking designer bars.Enjoy the blend of tasty cocktails from your Mixologist to the groovy and chillout beats in the loungy settings and feel like you are in the south somewhere.

Masterclass teambuilding

We Offer Teambuildings for company as also for private groups Learn how to mix and shake and do a Mojito the right way! Have a fun day behind our BAR! and learn from the best… GREAT wa to make a successfull teambuilding Min 10 pers. 90min and 120min. Request a offer

Cocktail Party

Let us create a fantastic cocktail party or reception For you…Cocktails, fingerfood or canapes.

Cocktail course

Wanna get busy behind a bar mixing tasty and fantastic cocktails’ join our cocktail courses .